By Antonela Pounder
on November 25, 2021 10:34am

With Black Friday around the corner, this is always a super busy time of the year for Porters! It got us thinking about what it takes to make a successful delivery in DEATH STRANDING, so we asked existing Porters for their advice for those new to DEATH STRANDING on PC. Here are some of our favourite responses.

Don’t feel pressured to do deliveries immediately, or too early in the story arc. Some larger loads or trickier-to-reach locales will benefit from infrastructure (roads / ziplines) or late-game equipment unlocks being in place. – Starbug

To improve your delivery score, don’t get hung up on returning lost cargo. Combined deliveries result in better score and many of the combinations are designed to fit either your backpack/skeleton or your vehicle almost exactly with little or no room for lost cargo. If you’ve got too much lost cargo, those combined deliveries just won’t fit and you’ll need to make 2 trips. – Bubba

As a rule of thumb, unless it’s a timed delivery, prioritize cargo condition over delivery speed. IE If you’re struggling to deliver to the wind farm because every time you try to deliver, it gets destroyed because you get caught by BTs, spend the extra time going around the BT area. It takes a LOT longer, but you’ll be more likely to make it without harming the cargo at all. Granted, don’t go turtle’s pace, but don’t recklessly run down a mountain with 100 KG of cargo. – Diskid724372

Credit: @AreeLyBadPun

Firstly – Always carry at least one container repair spray if you’re going to be passing through BT Territory. Even one tumble can damage your cargo significantly if the container condition is low. Secondly – Prioritize Ladders and Ropes in the Early Game. They’re fundamental for much of your journey and can be used in a variety of situations, whether to traverse new areas, cross deep water or even as handheld weapons to bash up MULES. Thirdly – Plan your routes before setting out on your journey. The last thing you’d want to face is unexpected Timefall or a Whiteout. The cufflinks enable you to set a route to any destination of your choosing. Lastly – Experiment a lot. There are many hidden mechanics in the game so try out different stuff, have fun with the weapons, vehicles and equipment. And don’t forget to be the absolute best Pizza Deliverer you could possibly be. Give your fellow Porter a like and Keep on Keeping On! – aadipie

Credit: LaFrite

I always have a spare pair of boots, you can have two in a specific equipment slot that can hold nothing but that. It’s free insurance for Sam’s feet, and you’ll always need those, but don’t worry about it until you can fabricate them, as the game’s beginning doesn’t tell you that your very first pair of boots are … indestructible. General tip for travelling : if you struggle in any environment, don’t forget you can walk instead of running. Just slowing down your pace might save you from stumbling and taking unnecessary risks, even in vehicles. Slow and steady – Poulaid

Credit: Osiris

If you’ve taken any damage or passed through Timefall on the way to your destination, use Container Repair Spray BEFORE you make your delivery, so you get full credit for your efforts. If you don’t have Container Repair Spray, fabricate one at your destination and THEN deliver the goods. – Kathleen

The Bola Gun is your best friend when it comes to having to pass through MULE camps during a delivery. It’s really effective, easy to use, and should prevent you from losing/damaging your delivery cargo if you’re carrying any. Most importantly, it doesn’t kill them. You don’t want anyone dying in this game or you’ll probably have a bad time. 🙂 Getting zipline networks established is also a great way of ensuring cargo doesn’t get damaged en route, as well as yielding low delivery times for those where that’s a requirement. – ghibli99

Credit: Fukami

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A big thank you to all our amazing Porters for contributing to our latest community blog! Your feedback is always super invaluable! Keep on keeping on.