Welcome, new Porters! Playing DEATH STRANDING for the first time?

By Antonela Pounder
on April 29, 2021 10:22am
Welcome, new Porters! Playing DEATH STRANDING for the first time?

Welcome, Porters!

If you’re new to the world of DEATH STRANDING and looking for some top tips and advice, you’ve come to the right place!

Firstly, be sure to check out this brilliant tips guide from Eurogamer! Oh… and don’t forget to grab the reverse trike when you get to the windfarm!


Last year, we put the spotlight on some of the biggest DEATH STRANDING players we know, giving them the opportunity to share their thoughts, knowledge, tips and advice to new and upcoming players.

With that in mind, we took to Discord, Reddit and Twitter and asked some of you to share a personal piece of advice (spoiler free) for PC players. And guess what? You didn’t disappoint! Check out the responses below…

(Credit: AnimalMother444)

It’s okay to ask for help. In the beginning this game will be unlike anything you have ever played. You WILL likely get stuck, you WILL likely get frustrated, and you WILL fall down a whole heck of a lot. That’s how the game is *trying* to make you feel, frustrated, alone, under-equipped/overworked. You’ll soon understand why. There are several fabulous communities dedicated to this game, just a few clicks away, so if you’re ever feeling like you’re at wits end, pop into the Discord and chat with some people, share your experiences. Ultimately, that is what this game is about after all: connecting with others.
– Pan1c

Like and get liked! It takes only a second to show to other Porters that their constructions helped you in your adventure. Keep in mind that DEATH STRANDING is an experience where sharing and helping other players is important! Also, if you see it, go for it! DEATH STRANDING is one of the most beautiful open-world experiences. The fact that everything you see can be reached is an amazing opportunity to give yourself some challenges. Can I go on the top of this mountain? YES, YOU CAN! Pack your boots, ropes and ladders and go for it. (Don’t forget to immortalize the moment with a picture!)
– Tarak Ch.

(Credit: @lochskye)

Take your time. Just like in the real world, rushed actions and abrupt decisions are risky. When making deliveries, be careful and pay close attention to the lovingly detailed world around you. When resting in a private room, put on some music, and read the emails — these help you understand the game world and progress further. After all, DEATH STRANDING is a game that hopes to teach you a vital lesson, if you’re just willing to slow down and listen. In a constantly stressed and overworked world, that message is especially valuable.
– Irina

Throughout the game there are ‘Preppers’ holed up in various locations. Each Prepper has their own story that you can learn more about as you help them out and they will even reward you with valuable items and equipment. Make sure to fully explore the world and find all of the Preppers as some of the rewards impact your gameplay.
– Brink

(Credit: bad_fur_day)

Not only is the timefall rain dangerous in DEATH STRANDING, but crossing water is also a regular threat for you and your delivery. But this is where your scanner comes into use. Scan the area before you enter the water. Squares in the colours blue, yellow and red will give you information about the water level. Blue water can be crossed easily, while the yellow markers indicate a deeper water level. Be careful about your balance and stamina when entering. Red indicates the deepest water level and you should avoid that entirely. It will instantly sweep you away.
– German Strands

DEATH STRANDING may look stunning, but don’t let the melancholic beauty of Sam’s world fool you – it’s unforgiving. From dangerous terrain, cargo hungry MULEs, and disturbing BTs, you’ll have numerous obstacles between you and your destination. To give yourself an easier and more enjoyable time, focus on the story for the first few chapters. As with many games, it’s easy to get lost in side missions and exploration, but, tackling the story will unlock new items that will make Death Stranding’s additional content much more enjoyable.

… And don’t forget. No matter how tough the obstacles seem to be, keep on keeping on!
– Enter_the_Fray

(Credit: Fukami)

Of course, there are more top tips we could share, but here are just a few things to bear in mind before venturing out on your quest to reconnect America. A big thank you to those who offered their wise words of wisdom and stay tuned for another community driven blog soon.

If you have any top tips yourself, be sure to share them with us over on Twitter for a chance to be featured in a future post! Simply use #DeathStrandingPC in your tweet.