By Antonela Pounder
on December 29, 2023 10:30am


For our final #DSPorterSpotlight article of the year and the series, we wanted to give everyone in the DEATH STRANDING community the opportunity to get involved!

There are so many passionate, knowledgeable, and supportive Porters in this community and today, we want to celebrate you, those who have helped to foster a positive and safe space for our players to engage with one another.

See below a selection of our favourite responses from fans!

What makes you a DEATH STRANDING super-fan?

ScudmanVP – It’s my favorite game of all time. I never played a game that made me feel so close to the character and the story like DEATH STRANDING did. It’s captivating, immersive, fun, and gorgeous. I’ve loved everything about it.

sevenwndrs – What makes me a fan? The dream team of course!! Hideo Kojima, Norman Reedus, and Guillermo del Toro! I came to DEATH STRANDING for the talent and stayed for the amazing gameplay and lore! ♥️

Barmy Deer – DEATH STRANDING is one of the most unique ludic experiences of all time! Easily my favourite Hideo Kojima’s product. Playing as Sam Porter Bridges lets me sci-fi hike, speculate on the lore richness, explore the enchanting landscapes, and try out different approaches in the ranked challenges! For these reasons, I’ve played DEATH STRANDING for 600+ hours.

Lil scooby – I got DEATH STRANDING at the end of 2020. I think I bought it because I was a big fan of the Walking Dead/ Norman Reedus, and also the trailer looked really cool; I had never played MGS or even heard of Hideo Kojima before. I instantly fell in love with the game. It sounds silly, but it gave me purpose again in my life in a dark time. The music, the atmosphere, the comfort I found in delivering, just everything about it made me feel so content and safe. It became my comfort game. The community strongly spreads the game’s message, “Keep on keeping on” which were the exact words I needed to hear at that time.

Shadmehrphoenix – I have three reasons: the first is because of the story of this game. In my opinion, this is the most emotional story about life and human beings. The second reason is because of their talented and lovely actors, and the third reason is because of Hideo Kojima’s name.

(Credit: Krystine Art – #DSPorterSpotlight Jan 23)

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you discovered DEATH STRANDING. What do you love the most about being part of the DEATH STRANDING community?

AADIPIE – I love sci-fi and remember stumbling across the E3 2018 trailer which looked stunning and super unique! Then, I watched all the other available footage and loved everything I saw, which then led to looking up the DEATH STRANDING subreddit and seeing a bunch of super passionate and curious people. It felt like I was joining this community of people who wanted to unearth every secret in the game. Today it has become so much more.

Frau_Haku – DEATH STRANDING really won my heart during quarantine. It also inspired new cosplay projects. Finding inspiration is especially difficult when you’re isolated at home by yourself.

AngelinaZelda – I’ve been a fan of Hideo Kojima’s work for a long time, so when DEATH STRANDING was announced, I couldn’t miss it! The best part about being the community is the way the developers, actors and everyone involved in making the game interacts with the fanbase.

Barmy Deer – Those Nordic, peaceful, and diverse landscapes can fuse with futurism, frightening encounters and/or, sometimes, a tad of humour! Irresistible combinations for that advanced in-game Photo Mode.

Speaker – I never expected there to be so much of a community, I just knew the game was special; I am a 9-5 office worker, who lives with a roommate two cats and an Italian greyhound, but when I first played the game I was in a very different, well, let’s say; less good place. It’s only been in recent years that I’ve connected and met new people who love the game as much as I do. It’s really wonderful, to start discussing the connections we made ourselves in the game, craft our own little theories and poke at game mechanics to see what they could do. We had Strand nights where we all got into the same region together at the same time and tried to spawn our structures into each other’s worlds! We had group BT hunts! It was AWESOME. DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT was excellent and the game community on Steam and elsewhere is pretty awesome.

(Credit: Vincent Hult – #DSPorterSpotlight June 23)

For the virtual photographers here, what is it about DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT that makes it so appealing to capture?

AADIPIE – The landscapes and level of detail in everything is first, then you have the incredible photo mode itself. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in a game thanks to how it handles. You can get some fantastic portraits or close ups of specific objects, but also capture these vast sweeping landscapes just as easily. It’s just extremely intuitive, welcoming and an all-round solid feature.

Doctor – It’s beautiful, not only graphically, but it has style and authenticity. I feel like a film director.

Speaker – Every vista, every lookout point and mountain peak looks like something out of a dream, you can’t help but stop and wonder up at certain things, the mountains surrounding Mt Knot. I spent hours photographing the weather station against the sky and the mountains. There’s just such a real / live feeling to the game. I love things in games that stand out or strike against a contrasting environment. It’s like monolithic brutalism in a field of lilies and daffodils. It’s beautiful.

JustSimy – I’m obsessed with Photo Mode. The variation of tools, the freedom, the beauty of every corner in-game.

Shadmehrphoenix – In my opinion, its environment has a great effect on its attractiveness! The story of this game is about corruption and destruction after the fall of civilization, but these environments convey a message to us that this world is still beautiful and there is still hope!

ScudmanVP – The most photos I’ve ever taken is in DEATH STRANDING (So far 1200) The world is gorgeous, with many different terrains and environments. There is a huge potential to create stunning photography with many different styles. It comes with an outstanding Photo Mode.

(Credit: Shinobi – #DSPorterSpotlight Sep 23)

For the cosplayers and artists here, what is it about DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT that makes it so special to replicate in your work?

Frau_Haku – My Fragile cosplay was literally an experiment! I usually create my costumes quite quickly, but this time I worked on sewing the jacket for several months… Also in search of the ideal pants material the master and I chose latex, which made this costume even more difficult.

Barmy Deer – I really like the survival tone communicated by those Porter suits. One of my goals is to cosplay as a Porter/Prepper soon. My girlfriend has already cosplayed Fragile, and she looked brilliant!

(Credit: Leo – #DSPorterSpotlight Aug 23)

What advice do you have for anyone playing DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT for the first time?

AADIPIE – One step at a time, play it at your own pace. Soak in the music, atmosphere, bits of lore that are fed to you as you keep playing. The game is filled with content for you to explore at your own pace so take it easy, but also try out different things that might seem a bit daft but surprisingly work out. (Peeing on a Cryptobiote coral formation after grabbing ’em all, or laying a ladder down between 2 cliffs for traversal on a trike for example.) You can have a lot of fun experimenting with the dozens of mechanics in the game, Keep On Keeping On!

Frau_Haku – Enjoy every moment! Locations, music, characters. This game is real meditation. So be sure to spend time on the little things. And don’t forget to build roads!

Barmy Deer – DEATH STRANDING will test both your curiosity and perseverance. If you are inspired by the characters and wish to find out more about this new strand-like genre, my advice is to simply give it a chance. It will eventually satisfy your inquisitiveness and reward you with an ever-increasing repertoire of items, details, information, game-changing equipment, variety, and options! Just remember: it might feel lonely out there, but you are never really alone! DEATH STRANDING multiplayer is asynchronous: you can indirectly interact with other players’ paths. Anyone’s choice can impact anybody else. Thus, tomorrow is truly in your hands!

Snak3yz – Give it a chance, take your time, take it all in. Literally just stand still and listen to the sounds; hear the wind, the rain, the ambience. This is a one of a kind experience. Don’t rush through it. Savor every moment. And BLAST that soundtrack… Man, I love the soundtrack.

ScudmanVP – DEATH STRANDING created a new genre in gaming. Take your time exploring. You’ll have to be patient, especially in the beginning. Gameplay varies between relaxing and full of action. As you progress you’ll understand how satisfying and enjoyable it is.

F_D_Whitehead – Take your time, it’s an experience that shouldn’t be rushed.

(Credit: Ray Reynolds – #DSPorterSpotlight Mar 23)

Thank you to all our amazing Porters for contributing to our final #DSPorterSpotlight feature of 2023.

As we wrap up the year, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone in the DEATH STRANDING community. We are so immensely grateful for all the love you show the team, as well as each other. Keep on keeping on!

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