Yoji Shinkawa Photo Mode Event

If you’re already part of the DEATH STRANDING PC community, you’ll know just how much we love photo mode! We are amazed with what our Porters can do with the tools in game and the sheer volume of content that already exists over on the Steam Community Hub. While we love to run regular showcases highlighting the amazing level of creativity demonstrated by our players, we felt it was time to do something a little special with our virtual photographers. In Feb 21, we invited our Steam community to take part in our next showcase, but one with a difference. This time, we invited KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS’ Yoji Shinkawa (Art Director) to be a judge and pick out his 10 favourite captures from your submissions. Here are Yoji Shinkawa’s 10 favourite captures and his comments.

(Username: never04) The mono-tone is so relaxing. It could make a great poster - Yoji Shinkawa Username: Steffi) This picture cut out is amazing. All the works by this person were great! - Yoji Shinkawa (Username: Serry) I like the colors. It's very interesting - Yoji Shinkawa (Username: 小岛 秀 夫 网络 女友) Beautiful. It is an art! - Yoji Shinkawa (Username: Fukami) Oh wow! Thanks for making the Mules look so cool! They look like they can do the job! - Yoji Shinkawa (Username: Yuric83) This is Art! The usage of black is really cool. - Yoji Shinkawa (Username: Sunset on Mars) This is stunning. I want to print this out and pin it in the studio! - Yoji Shinkawa (Username: stabbo_cangrejo) You can feel Sam’s solitude in this shot. - Yoji Shinkawa (Username: Yuric83) The angle is cool and the contrast is wonderful - Yoji Shinkawa (Username: Animalmother444) It's a great snapshot! Like a glimpse of Sam’s everyday life! - Yoji Shinkawa