We invited Akio Sakamoto (CTO), Hiroaki Yoshiike (Lead Level Designer) and Yoshikazu Matsuhana (Producer) from the team at KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS to be the judges in our second DEATH STRANDING PC community photo mode event on Steam. The response was overwhelming once again, so let us take a moment to say a massive thank you to everyone who contributed. The KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS team had over 30 pages of submissions to look through, and well over 1000 shots in total to judge. To pick just 15 captures was a difficult task, but the results are here. (And they’re all amazing!) In no particular order, here are Akio Sakamoto’s, Hiroaki Yoshiike’s and Yoshikazu Matsuhana’s favourite photo mode from the DEATH STRANDING PC Steam community. The level of creativity demonstrated by all our Porters has once again been incredible, so a huge congrats to those selected.

(Username: 小岛秀夫网络女友) (Username: Ai_Ric) The look on Sam's face when he is surprised by the cryptobiote tells a story! Interesting shot. - Sakamoto (Username: bad_fur_day1) This is a very cool photo. With the mudsplashes, really shows the speed of the bike! - Matsuhana (Username: Fgx_noir) This ultrawide shot makes the world of DS even more fascinating! - Sakamoto (Username: LaFrite) This shot is cool. The dark clouds...and the silhouette of Sam, risking his life trying to overcome the obstacles. - Matsuhana (Username: madmax00119) You want to eat cryptobiote, but you can't when your wearing the mask! I felt a bit of sadness there. The cryptobiote has a nice expression too. - Yoshiike (Username: Nyan Mech) This is a very beautiful shot with contrast. It makes me want to start shout something at the horizon. - Matsuhana (Username: Quad) How was this shot taken? was the talks amongst our team. It makes you really want to get creative and take interesting pictures. I appreciate that you found out a way to take this shot! And I also think this opens new ways to express more with Photo Mode. - Yoshiike (Username: Quad) Can feel the love for the GravityGrab! I think it's great! - Yoshiike (Username: RaffGN7) I love how Sam's shadow wraps around the BB and the blue of his cuffs is inspiring! Cool composition too! - Sakamoto (Username: sevenlightyears) It captures the precious moment when the BT is drawn in, taken in by the umbilical cord. I thought it's nice that you noticed the details. - Yoshiike (Username: Yuric83) The symmetrical composition, the high contrast picture, it's so artistic! - Sakamoto (Username: ZlosiDeR) You can feel the tension from this shot, as you can feel the smell of the burning, and the sound of the roar, and even Sam yelling. - Matsuhana (Username: iG4ntz) I think it's a very beautiful composition with a somewhat spiritual feel to it. - Matsuhana (Username: YASV) I thought it was a good shot that gives the sense of a harsh delivery. - Yoshiike